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J Korean Acad Pediatr Dent. 2010;37(1): 35-43.
Ji-Yeon Kim, Sang Ho Lee, Nan Young Lee
Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Chosun University
Corresponding Author: Sang Ho Lee ,Tel: 062-220-3865, Email: shclee@chosun.ac.kr
Received: September 15, 2009;  Accepted: November 10, 2009.
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We have developed a sodium fluoride containing gelatin and methyl cellulose gel. Cariostatic abilities of those gel were investigated and compared with APF gel and fluoride varnish(CavityshieldTM). We prepared the bovine tooth samples and divided into two surface, control side and experimental side in same specimen for exclusion of difference between specimens. The experiment was consisted of 4 groups : (I) APF gel : (II) CavityshieldTM : (III) Gelatin F gel : (IV) Methyl cellulose F gel Decalcification were produced by placing each specimen into artificial acidic solution(pH 4.0) for 72 hours. Surface microhardness were measured and depth of demineralization lesion were measured by polarizing light microscope. The results were as follows: 1. The difference of VHN between control and experimental side is smallest in group I (p<0.05). 2. The largest difference was shown in group II (p<0.05). 3. There were no significant difference between group III and IV in microhardness test (p>0.05). 4. The difference of lesion depth is smallest in group I (p<0.05). 5. There were no significant difference between group II, III and IV in lesion depth (p>0.05). The result of the present study indicate that the fluoride containing gelatin and methyl cellulose gel is more effective than APF gel and is similar to fluoride varnish application for prevention of demineralization.
Keywords: Fluoride containing gel | Gelatin | Methyl cellulose | Demineralization | APF gel | Fluoride varnish
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