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J Korean Acad Pediatr Dent. 2008;35(4): 619-627.
Jeong-Min Son1, Nam-Ki Choi1, Seon-Mi Kim1, Kyu-Ho Yang1, Ji-il Park2
1Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Chonnam National University and Dental Research Institute and second stage of BK 21
2Department of Dental Hygiene, Gwang Ju Health college
Corresponding Author: Nam-Ki Choi ,Tel: 062-220-5476, Email: hellopedo@hanmail.net
Received: April 1, 2008;  Accepted: July 24, 2008.
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The objective of this study was to compare the microleakage of five adhesive systems in the enamel and dentin of permanent teeth. Class V cavity preparations with occlusal margins in enamel and gingival margins in dentin were prepared on both buccal and lingual surfaces of 25 extracted human molar teeth. The tested adhesives were: Adper Scotchbond Multi-purpose Plus Adhesive (SM), Adper Single bond 2 (SB), Clearfil SE Bond (SE), Adper Prompt L-Pop (PL) and G-Bond (GB). The results were as follows: 1. At the enamel margins, PL showed the highest leakage value(0.85), and others showed values of SB(0.55), GB(0.50), SM(0.35) and SE(0.25) in decreasing order. There were statistically significant differences in PL vs. SM and PL vs. SE(p<0.05). 2. At the dentin margins, GB showed the highest leakage value(2.10), and others showed values of SE(1.45), PL(1.40), SB(1.05), SM(0.70) in decreasing order. There were statistically significant differences in GB vs. SB and GB vs. SM(p<0.05). 3. Dentin margins showed high dye penetration rate than enamel margins in all material tested groups and there were statistically significant differences for SE, PL and GB.
Keywords: Dentin bonding system | Microleakage | Enamel | Dentin
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