Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 1998;25(3):555-561.
Published online August 31, 1998.
Hypophosphatasia 환아의 치료 증례
박수정, 이제호, 최형준, 김기덕, 최병재
연세대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실
pophosphatasia is a rare metabolic disorder which manifests characteristics such as abnormal mineralization of bone and dental tissues, diminished serum and tissue alkaline phosphatase, and increased urinary secretion of PEA. It inherited as an autosomal recessive or dominant trait and occurs in all races. In general, hypophosphatasia can be classified in 4 subtypes which are the perinatal, infantile, childhood, adult type depending upon the age at presentation and severity. In young children with Hypophosphatasia the long bones show irregular defects, and the skull showes poor calcification. In older children with premature closure of the skull sutures there may be multiple lucent area called gyral or convolutional markings, described as resembling beaten copper, presumably resulting from increased intracranial pressure. Examination of the jaws reveals a generalized lucency of the maxilla and mandible. the cortical bone and lamina dura are thin, and the alveolar bone may be deficient. Clinical features of Hypophosphatasia include premature loss of deciduous teeth, especially incisors, hypoplasia or aplasia of root cementum, enamel hypoplasia, irregular calcification of dentin, large pulp chamber, and resorption of marginal alveolar bone and roots. Our report involves a patient with a chief complaint of early loss of both Mx. and Mn. deciduous incisors. After conducting a through clinical and radiographic examination this patient was referred to pediatrics under the suspicion of hypophosphatasia, the diagnosis proved to be correct and successful results were accomplished through a denture made to improve esthetics and function.
Key Words: alkaline phosphatase, early exfoliation, hypophosphatasia

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