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J Korean Acad Pediatr Dent. 1997;24(4): 776-780.
김준현, 이제호, 김성오, 손흥규
연세대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실 및 치의학연구소
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Patient with alveolar abscess due to dental caries with severe alveolar bone loss, severe tooth mobility, root resorption need extraction of tooth because it is impossible to carry out pulp treatment and restoration by using conventional method. Early loss of primary molar might cause masticatory interference, extrusion of opposing tooth, problem in maintaining space and interference on eruption of permanent tooth. Especially, early loss of primary second molar before the eruption of permanent first molar might cause space closure by mesially erupted permanent first molar and impaction of second premolar. In such a case, distal shoe space maintainer and removable space regaining appliance was the first choice of treatment. But, distal shoe space maintainer need precise adaptation and might cause chronic inflammation if the oral hygiene is poor. In a case using removable space regaining appliance, patient's cooperation is most important. If the distal root of primary second molar is comparably sound and alveolar abscess with alveolar bone loss is localized at mesial root, hemisection should be carried out for precise guide to eruption of the permanent first molar, restoration of masticatory fuction and solution to the discomfort of the patient
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