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J Korean Acad Pediatr Dent. 2010;37(1): 82-90.
Sang-Ho Lee1, Nan-Young Lee1, In-Hwa Lee2
1School of dentistry, Chosun university
2Department of environmental engineering, Chosun university
Corresponding Author: Sang-Ho Lee ,Tel: 062-220-3865, Email: shclee@chosun.ac.kr
Received: September 29, 2009;  Accepted: January 18, 2010.
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This study examined the effect of adhesive tape supplemented with sodium fluoride on the prevention of dental erosion in vitro. Sound bovine tooth samples were selected and divided randomly into the following 4 groups according to the material treatments: group 1, APF gel; group 2, fluoride varnish; and groups 3 and 4, fluoride tape supplemented with 5% NaF in either a methyl cellulose or poly vinyl acetate carrier, respectively. All specimens were submitted to alternate cycles of acid exposure in a cola beverage (pH 4.3) and artificial saliva for 6 × 5 min/day over a 5 day period. The micro-hardness was recorded each day and the lesion depth was measured after 5 days. The micro-hardness of the experimental sides of groups 2, 3 and 4 were significantly higher than that of their control sides and the experimental side of group 1 during the experimental period (p<0.05) except on the 5th day. The enamel surfaces of treatment groups 2, 3 and 4 showed significantly higher resistance to mineral loss in terms of the erosion depth (p<0.05) than group 1 and their control sides. There was no statistically significant difference among group 2, 3 and 4, indicating that the fluoride varnish and tapes produce similar results. Fluoride adhesive tapes are effective in reducing the progression of erosion and can be recommended for young patients who are more susceptible to dental erosion.
Keywords: Fluoride adhesive tape | Fluoride varnish | Dental erosion | Micro-hardness value | Erosion depth
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