Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 2010;37(1):117-123.
Published online February 28, 2010.
Yon Joo Mah1, Hyung-Kyu Sohn2, Byung-Jai Choi2, Jae-Ho Lee2, Seong Oh Kim2
1Department of Pediatric Dentistry,College of Dentistry, Yonsei University
2Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Oral Science Research Center, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University 
설측으로 수평 맹출한 하악 측절치의 교정적 견인
마현주1, 손흥규2, 최병재2, 이제호2, 김성오2
1연세대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실
2연세대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실 및 구강과학연구소
Correspondence:  Seong Oh Kim,  Tel: 02-2228-3171, Email:
Received: 18 November 2009   • Accepted: 7 December 2009
Tooth eruption is the movement of the tooth from the developing place in the alveolar bone to the functional position in the oral cavity. The permanent incisors originate from the dental lamina on the lingual side of preceding deciduous tooth and erupt to the level of the occlusion through the well developed gubernacular cord. Ectopic eruption is a developmental disturbance in the eruption pattern of the permanent dentition. Most of the ectopically erupted lower incisor has been found in lingual side. The ectopically erupted tooth could be repositioned by orthodontic force in the early mixed dentition, which could help preventing the problems of loss of space and the lingual tilting of the lower anterior teeth. An eight-year-old girl visited the department of pediatric dentistry, Yonsei Dental University Hospital, for the evaluation and the treatment of the lower right lateral incisor, which was horizontally erupted in the lingual side, parallel to the mouth floor. Her tongue was placed on the labial side of that tooth. There was no previous dental history of dental caries or trauma on the pre-occupied primary incisor. Clinical and radiographic examinations including the computed tomography(CT), showed no evidence of dilacerations on root. Therefore, we decided to start active orthodontic traction of the lower right lateral incisor. We designed the fixed type of buccal arch wire and the lip bumper with hook for the traction. Button was attached to the lingual side of the ectopically positioned tooth. Elastic was used between the appliance and the button on that tooth. After the tooth become upright over the tongue level, appliance was change to the removable type and periodic check-up with occlusal guidance was followed to monitor the position of the tooth. In this case using the fixed appliance with modified form of lip bumper and hook embedded in acrylic part instead of extraction was very efficient up-righting the ectopically erupted tooth toward the occlusal plane.
Key Words: Lower lateral incisor tooth, Ectopic eruption, Orthodontic traction, Buccal arch

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