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J Korean Acad Pediatr Dent. 2005;32(1): 18-25.
오민형, 김대업, 이광희
원광대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실.원광치의학연구소
Corresponding Author: 이광희 ,
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Traumatic bone cyst is a nonodontogenic cyst without epithelial-linig which contains fluid in it's cavity, and it is limited by bone walls with no evidence of infection. Traumatic bone cyst is asymptomatic and appears more frequently in the second decade. Gender distribution is approximately equal, although males are affected slightly often than females. Radiographically the lesion shows a well demarcated radiolucent lesion of variable size and the lesion may have scalloped margins. The adjacent teeth to traumatic bone cyst remains vital. Traumatic bone cyst is usually treated by surgical exploration and currettage of the lesion. In the first case of this case report, the patient was refered from the local dental clinic for the radiolucent area under the left mandibular first molar. From the panorama radiograph at the first visit, the radiolucent area of the left mandible showed a well defined scalloped margin and identified as traumatic bone cyst. In the second case, the patient have visited for the chief complaint of swelling and abcess of right maxillary second premolar. In the radiographic check up with panorama radiograph, the radiolucent lesion with well demarcated scalloped margin was found in the right mandible body, and identified as traumatic bone cyst. In the first case, overinstrumentation was done through the mesial root canal to irrigate the lesion. In the second case, not any treatment was done, and watched the progression of the lesion. And in both cases, after two month, the radiolucency and the size of the lesion has decreased to show healing in progress.
Keywords: Traumatic bone cyst | Simple bone cyst | Solitary bone cyst | Extravasation cyst | Non-odontogenic cyst
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