Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 2013;40(4):335-341.
Published online November 30, 2013.
Maxillary Incisor Replacement with the Ectopically Erupting Canine : Case Reports
Jieun Lim, Sungchul Choi, Jaehong Park,, Yeongchul Choi, Kwangchul Kim,, Hyojung Ann
Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Institute of Oral Biology, School of Dentistry, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea 
이소맹출하는 견치의 상악 전치로의 대체사용 : 증례보고
임지은, 최성철, 박재홍, 최영철, 김광철, 안효정
경희대학교 치과의학전문대학원 소아치과학교실, 구강생물학연구소
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Received: 23 May 2013   • Accepted: 11 September 2013
Impacted maxillary canines are the most frequently impacted teeth after the third molars. The exact etiology of impacted maxillary canines is unknown, but several complications may result from impacted maxillary canines. An early detection of ectopically erupting teeth can lead to performing interceptive treatment such as early extraction of primary canine and provide the best long-term results. In the absence of prevention, clinicians should consider orthodontic treatment followed by surgical exposure of the canine to bring it into occlusion. However, in cases when the finding ectopically erupting teeth and severe root resorption of adjacent teeth are found late, malposed canine can replace the injured teeth. In these presented cases, early diagnosis and treatment of ectopic eruption and root resorption were not performed. The maxillary incisor replacement with ectopically erupting canine can be the alternative treatment of choice with successful results. The reconstructed canine is planned to be checked periodically for the condition of composite resin restoration. Orthodontic treatment and dental implant are planned. This report shows that when early diagnosis was not done, maxillary incisor replacement with ectopically erupting canine could prevent uncertain prognosis of the adjacent teeth with root resorption and provide esthetic satisfactory with time saved and cost reduced.
Key Words: Ectopic eruption, Impacted canine, Root resorption

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