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J Korean Acad Pediatr Dent. 2012;39(2): 145-152.
Eun-ok Han, Jihyun Lee, Shin Kim, Tae-Sung Jeong
Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Pusan National University
Corresponding Author: Tae-Sung Jeong ,Tel: 055-360-5181, Email: tsjeong@pusan.ac.kr
Received: February 28, 2012;  Accepted: May 17, 2012.
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Whenever pediatric dentists choose the preformed stainless steel crowns for restoration of primary molars, we usually prefer the crown forms that most fit to the abutment teeth. Despite some previous reports on significant ethnic difference in the size and shape of tooth crowns in primary dentition, only the imported products have been available to date, which might show some discrepancy with tooth anatomy of Korean. However, a domestic product of preformed stainless steel crown has been marketed recently that is expected to show more accurate fit to the primary tooth of Korean. To investigate the morphological characteristics of primary molars of Korean children, their mesiodistal and buccolingual diameters from the dental casts of 263 children in Pusan and Kyungsangnamdo province were measured by digital calipers. The measured data were compared with those of the three types of preformed stainless steel crowns(3M ESPE Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crown, Kids Crown, Sankin Anatom Primary Crown) by statistical processes with regression analysis. The results were as follows: 1. In every primary molar crown of three brands, the bucco-lingual width to mesio-distal width ratio (MD-BL ratio) showed higher values compared with those of natural teeth. 2. While the products of 3M ESPE and Shinhung showed similar features, those of Sankin showed some difference from both, and these difference was more marked in mandibular primary molars. 3. The nearer is the mesio-distal width of the crown to the average, the better was the adaptation of the preformed crown, and the reverse was true. 4. The teeth which revealed more discrepancy between preformed crown and natural tooth were upper and lower first primary molars.
Keywords: Preformed stainless steel crown | Primary molars | Restoration | Morphometry | Tooth size
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